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Admission of shares in to trading on the WSE

October 10, 2020

Current report No. 3/2020

Legal basis: art. 17 MAR

Title: Admission of shares in to trading on the WSE

The Board of Directors of (the "Company") hereby informs that, based on its Resolution No. 762/2020 dated 8 October 2020, the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange resolved to admit 1,023,255,814 (one billion twenty-three million two hundred fifty-five thousand eight hundred and fourteen) ordinary shares in the Company with the nominal value of PLN 0.01 each to stock exchange trading on the main market. is a Luxembourg public limited liability company (société anonyme), registered office: 1, rue Hildegard von Bingen, L – 1282 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, R.C.S. Luxembourg: B214830.