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Allegro launches the new Allegro Pay service

July 31, 2020
  • Allegro customers appreciate the choice of payment methods when shopping online. We know their needs and changing preferences, which is why we are introducing Allegro Pay, a service that complements existing payment methods available on the platform.
  • This is another change that makes shopping on Allegro even more accessible and convenient. As part of the Allegro Pay service, the customer can use the funds to pay for shopping at any time and choose a convenient repayment option: 30 days or even in 20 monthly installments.
  • The first customers can already use the new payment method and access to Allegro Pay will be systematically expanded in the next few months.

“We are constantly investing in making shopping on Allegro even more convenient, faster and more accessible to our customers. That is why we have created Allegro Pay - a modern and secure service - complementary to other payment methods available on our platform. Activation of Allegro Pay will take less than a minute and 15 sec. will be enough to pay for the transaction. This is another investment in a great shopping experience that also increases the transaction potential for sellers” said François Nuyts, CEO of Allegro.

You can do more with Allegro Pay

At launch, access to Allegro Pay will be granted to a group of tens of thousands of customers and will be extended until the end of 2020. Clients who log in to Allegro and see Allegro Pay among the payment methods that can be selected on the delivery and payment forms, will be able to activate the service and receive up to PLN 4,000 to pay for purchases made on the platform. It suffices to fill out a simple application once, and the funds will be granted based on an individual analysis, primarily involving data from external databases and the history of purchases on Allegro. Thanks to this solution, clients can always count on - if needed to eg. cover unexpected shopping needs - an easy access to additional shopping funds.

Allegro Pay can be activated for free and used at any time. The user can pay for the purchase in a number of ways, and the options include deferring payment by 30 days, i.e. paying exactly the purchase price. Additionally, Allegro SMART! clients will be able to pay in 3 monthly installments at 0% interest rate. Customers can also choose a longer repayment period with 5, 10 or 20 monthly payments, using popular methods such as BLIK or instant transfers.

Allegro provides comprehensive support for purchases, which involves buyer protection and assistance with returns and complaints, to minimise the time Allegro Pay funds remain frozen. Importantly, the shopping budget is granted indefinitely, which means that if the service is not used, the customer does not bear any costs. There are also no monthly fees or subscriptions.


Allegro is a tech leader, sixth eTail in Europe, one of the most recognizable brands in Poland and in the same time the most popular online shopping destination in Poland. Since 1999 we have been doing our best to make shopping more enjoyable by saving time and providing comfort and convenience to customers. Thanks to Allegro everyone in Poland - regardless of where they live - have access to the wide selection of products at the best prices. On Allegro you can find millions of offers from over 100,000 professional sellers - not only the global brands, but above all Polish small and medium enterprises. There are 21 million customer accounts registered.

Our ambition is to encourage even more Poles to shop online, where they can find low prices, a wide selection and maximum convenience.

Allegro contributes to the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs in Poland, supporting the digital transformation of the Polish economy. We support entrepreneurs in starting and developing e-commerce activities. Thanks to ours the ecosystem of products and services can reach millions of customers without large investment.