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On average, 120 fashion items sold per minute - Allegro sums up 2020 in fashion

December 10, 2020
  • Allegro has just published a brand new ”Fashionable Poland” report.
  • Fashion is one of the most visited categories on Allegro with, on average, over 1000 user visits each minute. Products selection increased by 50% compared to 2019.
  • Sweatsuit sets, shorts, pajamas and socks among products with biggest increases in searches in 2020.

As every year Allegro published a detailed study on the Poles’ attitude to fashion, their favourite choices and shopping habits. Allegro is a shopping platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fashion lovers have access to hundreds of thousands of sellers and thus, millions of products. Since the beginning of 2020, almost 50 million items have been sold. This means that, on average, 3 dresses, 4 men t-shirts, 6 pairs of women's shoes and 10 pieces of underwear were added to the shopping cart every minute!

2020 brought a lot of challenges that we had to face to support our customers and sellers. Allegro's mission is to be a place where Poles can find everything at a good price, and also have a perfect customer service and delivery experience. We've been working hard on each of these aspects over the past months. Nearly 40% more sellers appeared on Allegro compared to last year. We welcomed on the platform such well-known and popular brands as Puma, New Balance, Yes, Born2Be and Lacoste. All our main categories in the fashion segment recorded increases of several dozen percent. We are also constantly improving the shopping path - from entering to delivery to customer’s door. We make sure that Allegro users can not only easily find the product they want at the best price, but also that the payment is comfortable (or even postponed in case of Allegro Pay users) and the delivery is fast - commented Celestyna Lendo-Zachariasz, Fashion Segment Director.

So how did trends in 2020 look like? It is safe to say that in 2020, Poles wanted to feel comfortable, but classy at the same time. If sweatsuits, then velor. If accessories, then jewelry. It seems that home office and video conferences have dominated Poles’ life. Allegro has noticed a significant growth of searches for elegant items that we wear… in the upper parts of the body. Men, although they were less interested in suits, invested more in vests and… short shorts. Ladies, on the other hand, opted for hair accessories, jewelry (earrings and chains) and clear glasses.

It had to be comfortable or semi-professional, for example an elegant shirt at the top, and home pants at the bottom (a typical zoom look). Personally, for the first time in my life I wore a tracksuit so often, but not to lose myself in the monotony of everyday sitting at home, I did not skip the accessories to still feel feminine - commented Zofia Ślotała-Haidar, fashion stylist.

How exactly did men's and women’s shopping baskets look like in 2020? Among ladies, dresses remained the undeniable leader on the podium of fashion popularity. However, the need for comfortable clothing grew rapidly. The fastest were increasing categories such as sweatsuit sets (+ 178%), sweatpants (+ 62%) and leggings (+ 55%). Only evening dresses, not surprisingly, recorded a slight decrease in interest compared to last year.

Also as Allegro’s data shows, 2020 was the year of jewelry. All types of those products gained in popularity and the entire segment grew by over 40%. Bracelets (mainly gold and silver), earrings, rings and, what’s even more interesting, wedding rings were again on the podium of the most common choices of Polish women. However, it was necklaces (+ 63%) and earrings (+ 41%) that recorded the largest increases in searches compared to 2019.

And how about the men’s closet in 2020? The situation was similar. They lost interest in suits in favor of jeans (+ 44%), shorts (+47%), sweatsuit sets (+ 81%) and ... vests. Men started to search more for pajamas (+ 97%) and bathrobes (+ 59%) and they changed the suit slippers for… socks. However, taking into account that the biggest peaks were recorded near holidays, such as Boys Day or Valentine's Day, ladies could be the ones who made those purchases. 

However, the time before Christmas sets completely different rules in the "fashion" category on Allegro. The items that Poles put under the Christmas tree are moving to the top of the popularity ranking. Every year, the largest number of transactions in this segment is reported on Monday, a week before Christmas Eve. It seems that first of all, after a period of intense preparations for Christmas, we finally start to think about ourselves and choose outfits for the Christmas celebrations. Secondly - Poles are looking for last-minute gifts. Among most popular presents for men are watches, leather wallets and funny, colorful socks. In the case of women it seems that under the Christmas tree they’ll probably find golden watches, classic jewellery, comfortable pajamas and red wallets.

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