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Night premieres with Allegro Smart!

July 7, 2020

This is the first such campaign in Poland. Allegro SMART! users will be able to pick up their own copies of Ghost of Tsushima from parcel lockers just one minute after its global release. Thanks to Allegro SMART! you can take advantage of free deliveries and special offers such as Nighttime Premieres, which will become a standard feature of this service.

Gamers are often waiting for months for new releases or sequels to their favourite series. As soon as the product is out on the market, they want to try it out and share their impressions with others. Allegro makes it a near-instant experience. As part of the Allegro SMART! Late Night Release campaign, pre-ordered games can be picked up one minute past midnight.

“Allegro has been popular among gamers for years. We sell one PlayStation four game per minute and ten games in the entire category. Customers appreciate our offer, where new releases constitute 1/3 of all purchases. We want to make shopping a convenient, safe, quick, and at the same unique experience, hence the Late Night Release campaign, which allows to pick up the game just after midnight from a parcel locker, when traditional stores are still closed,” said Jacek Weichert, Director of the Culture and Entertainment, Collections and Art category Allegro.

The first late-night release is Ghost of Tsushima, which will be available for purchase to 13 July (by 15:00) on On the day of release, i.e. 17 July, people who bought the game will receive an email and SMS with a code and a unique phone number allowing to pick up the game a minute after midnight. Only active Allegro SMART! users can take part in the campaign, which also ensures free of charge delivery to the parcel locker. PlayStation 4 owners can now get ready for a sleepless night on 17/18 July, and will be one of the first to transport themselves to feudal Japan!